Monday, January 12, 2009

The Zionist Contradiction: Israel’s Coherence Hangs by a Thread

By Marc Sapir

January 7, 2009

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With the murderous attacks on Gaza, the Jewish State of Israel is in self-destruction mode. Who knows when Israel will implode, but the Gaza attack is surely a sign of Zionism’s worsening brutal irrationality. An irresolvable contradiction of Zionism will destroy the Jewish State. (Photo: "always supported the Zionists. showthread.php?t=9542)

Today, Israel’s coherence–as a modern “Western” State–hangs by a thread, held together only by the West’s claim that Israel has been fighting terror. If that lie is understood widely, the Jewish State collapses. No “democratic” State has a future which believes it can morally justify–for ever and anon–this kind of collective punishment upon civilian thousands–i.e. State terror.

Israel’s domination of the Palestinian people is to prevent them from resisting or even surviving the never ending years of military occupation. Labeling the Palestinians, their elected officials, Hamas and all the various resistance groups terrorists wears thin, as did Apartheid South Africa’s labeling of the African National Congress. Yet Israel needs to repeatedly assert military dominance to assuage the self-doubt about their Zionist historical narrative and to salve Zionism’s paranoid delusion about the Palestinian other–the enemy.

For the Israeli ruling elite, promoting fear of the dispossessed “other” is the one way to maintain public loyalty (currently for Kadima Party and Tsipi Livni) and keep intact the Zionist Greater Israel project–the project that believes that a multicultural democracy is anti-democratic because it doesn’t guarantee Zionist power.

The fear of the Palestinian other serves the Zionist public–in the US and there–in denial that the Palestinian people are doing as a whole today only what all Jews ought to have done as a whole people in the very difficult environment of the Nazi terror. That is, to refuse to collaborate with one’s oppressors and to totally resist by any means possible until the enemy collapses from the weight of its own aggression.

Zionism, for 60 years, has been stealing from and punishing, in the most depraved manner, the Palestinian people, based upon European Jewish survivor guilt. The colonialist project the Ashkenazi Zionists bought into with the British–Eretz Yisroel–was no solution for anyone–dispossessed or possessor.

With European and US support, Israel’s criminal leaders will persist in these murderous gestures, hoping that over time they can cleanse Palestine of Palestinians, assuming that their own people will remain loyal and the military will remain strong and united. However, each new Israeli aggression (last Lebanon, now Gaza) further threatens and undermines that unity. At the end of this dead end there is a different kind of wailing wall. The only possible solution, the choice for peace, is the right to citizenship with full equal rights for the Palestinian people, immediately. That would eventually end the “Jewish State” but should be an outcome desired by all rational people, Jewish, Muslim or otherwise.

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