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Understanding The Mindanao Conflict

by Dr. Samuel Tan
At no time in history had the issue of Mindanao independence been brought to a critical point as it is today. The issue had already been expressed as early as 1910 when the Zamboanga business sector presented a written petition to isolate the island for the development of "plantation interests". The same sentiment was aired in the written petition of Muslim datus, sultans, and leaders in 1930 when the question of Philippine independence from the United States elicited Muslim preference for exclusion from the projected free Philippines under Filipino rule.

Then in the late 1970s the Independence aspiration of Mindanao was again revived by the Mindanao Independence Movement of Datu Udtog Matalam of Pagalungan Cotabato, Ruben Canoy of Cagayan de Oro, and Nur Misuari of the Moro National Liberation Front. Only the latter succeeded in achieving a compromise agreement known as the Tripoli Agreement on December 23, 1976 through the mediation of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC). Although the OIC explanation was for the Agreement to be a Comprehensive representation of the Filipino Muslim Community, this was not a
cceptable to Hashim Salamat and his MILF. This was where the critical point began from the Muslim perspective creating the problems, ambiguities, and dilemma in the government responses to the Mindanao conflict.

The government from Marcos to Estrada operated on the clear premises of the Tripoli Agreement that autonomy not independence was to be the framework of any resolution of issues and conflict and that the Philippine Constitution would be the point of reference for the definition of the meaningful extent of autonomy. But what the government has ignored and belittled were certain fundamental realities and facts that have remained active in Muslim consciousness:

1. That independence was still the underlying essence of autonomy for all Muslim social movements (MNLF, MILF, etc.) regardless of differences

2. That any modus vivendi or compromise agreement related to the implementation of the Tripoli Accord would be temporary and tactical in nature, and
3. That the ultimate hope of the Muslim Community in the Philippines for progress and prosperity lies not in the Christian dominated state but in the dynamic relation and linkage to the Islamic world.

In effect, the three foregoing facts are the underlying premises that constitute the general framework of the Muslim struggle however divided it seems are the various groups in their activities, leadership roles, rhetorics, and approaches. There are no perceivable indications that these premises are weakening. The contrary is what is obviously emerging. There are several corroborative factors that have
contributed to the hardening of the independence imperative of the Muslim struggle, peaceful or otherwise:

First is the inability of the State through the government and its agencies to adequately or substantially meet the basic and ideal needs of the Muslim Community. While the government has not failed to initiate policies and draw up development plans along constitutional lines administration after administration since 1946 has somehow ended with the centuries old Moro Problem still unresolved. It is not easy and fair to altogether blame the government on the Bangsamoro armed groups and their supporters for the elusiveness and increasing difficulties of finding the permanent or, at least, a relatively long enduring peace vital to the kind of socioeconomic, political and cultural growth and progress the Philippines desires.

Second is the obvious trend on the part of the Muslim Community to seek ultimate satisfaction of their aspirations from within their own societies and the Muslim world given the decades of underdevelopment, the rising level of frustration, resentment, and anger over the extreme difficulty and costliness of recovering their lost historic rights to ancestral lands and equitable social and political benefits therefrom. These are confounded by the increasing socioeconomic problems of life that have haunted their communities for decades without immediate prospects of resolution from State initiatives or programs.

Third is the exploitation of the Mindanao conflict for a long time by external vested interests for reasons not necessarily for the good or benefit of the marginalized sectors or government. The suspected involvement of international agencies or groups such as Islamic radical movem
ents including terrorist groups or central intelligence agencies of powers cannot be ignored.

Fourth is the failure of civil society particularly the dominant Christian sector to really remove the lingering anti-Muslim bias in historical consciousness. The hardening of irreconcilable premises in the rhetorics of government and Muslim positions is not helping enhance a truly meaningful peace process. Apparently, the subtle hands of ugly politics in local and national levels and fora including the inner sanctums of Congress are nurturing the culture of conflict along irreconcilable lines making use of the rhetorics of constitutionalism, legalism, morality, public order, humanism, and democracy to rally the processes of tri-media for their purposes. It is these political riders in the Mindanao conflict from the viewpoints of the armed protagonists that are prolonging the agonies of war and the ecstasies of vested interests not affected directly by the violence of conflict.

In reality, the Mindanao conflict is a microcosm of the national and international conflict between the marginalized and exploited social sectors and the State and / or dominant sector. The Bangsamoro and Lumad struggles are not in a sense different from those of the working classes and farmers in other areas of the country and the world represented by different factions of the NDF-NPA network coordinated either by leaders from abroad or within the country or by other similar radical groups. They are similar to the struggles of the Muslim minority in Patani, Thailand, The LTTE (Liberation Tiger of Tamil Eelam minority in Sri Lanka, the Muslim Majority against a Hindu minority leadership in Kashmir, the East Timorese majority against the Indonesian minority leadership, the Fijian majority against an Indian minority leadership, the Chechen majority against the Russian minority, etc. Their common aspiration regardless of racial, ethnic or socio-cultural differences is the enjoyment of freedom and its maximum benefits without outside interferences. Understand
ably, such aspiration is basic to human nature and is natural to all people having a common origin and sharing a common tradition.

(Understanding The Mindanao Conflict: Mindanao at the Crossroad is a paper prepared and presented by Dr. Samuel Tan at the Cotabato City Peace and Development Forum, July 20,2000)

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If not the Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain, some other corrective power-sharing arrangement that would give Moros a wider berth for governance would have to be crafted because, to paraphrase Manuel Quezon, Moro nationalists would prefer a government run like hell by Moros than forever suffer the discrimination of Filipinos.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

CEASEFIRE, balik usapan muna

Doy/August 27, 2008

Walang dudang may tumataya o nakiki-alam na mga makapangyarihang dayuhan sa peace process na isinusulong sa Mindanao lalo na sa isyu ng MOA-AD. Ganun talaga ang labanan ngayon, maski sa Burma, Darfur, Kosovo-Serbian, Zimbabwe, Georgia-Russia, Palestinian-Israel at Tibet-China ay pinagpipiestahan, given na yata yan sa mundong ibabaw.

Ano man ang iba't-ibang espekulasyong bumabalot o sa
mut-saring pagsusuri na nasa likud ng MOA-AD, na ito'y "violation sa ating Constitution (Bangsamoro Judicial Entity), trojan horse sa bahagi ng Malakanyang Charter Change hidden agenda, term extension, emergency rule cum martia law at political survival ni GMA," kahit paano, sa punto de vista ng mamamayang Moro, mas mainam na sana ito sa panimula (maiwasan kahit paano ang madugong gera) kaysa sa wala, upang tuloy-tuloy na mabalikan, pag-usapan at mahimay-himay ang iba pang malalalim na isyung bumabalot sa "karapatan ng Bangsa Moro para sa democratic right for self determination."

Sa panimula, ang nakaka-intriga, ang napraning ay ang hanay ng mga elite na pulitiko sa hanay ng oposisyon at administrasyon at nanawagang “wakasan ang peace negosasyon, ipawalang bisa ang umiiral na ceasefire at i-diklara na ang all-out-war sa MILF.”

Bakit, sa kalahating milyong (500,000 humanitarian crisis) apektado ng labanan, hindi ba maliwanag na "ALL OUT WAR" o madugong GERA (air, sea, land attack) na ang kasalukuyang ipinatutupad ng Malakanyang sa Mindanao? Nagsimula na rin ang propaganda war, na kesyo itratong terorista, may koneksyon sa CPP-NPA, JI-al Qaeda-Bin Laden, Taliban at pati ba naman ang pagbagsak ng C-130 ng Phil Airforce ay isinisisi at kagagawan raw ng grupong MILF? (Photo: About 200,000 have been displaced by the fighting in the south [AFP],

Lumalawak ang labanan, kung sa dati'y nasa North Cotobato, Basilan at Lanao del Norte ang kiskisan, ngayo'y nasa mga lugar na ng Lanao del Sur, Sarangani, Maguindanao, Shariff Kabunsuan at Sulo at pinapaniwalaang posibleng umabot sa mga lunsod ng Mindanao at Metro Manila. Kung may 130,000 ang nabulabog sa bakbakan nuong nakaraang Linggo, sa ngayo'y tinatantyang may kalahating milyong mamamayan (500,000) na ang apektado sa trahedyang idinulot ng gera sa pagitan ng AFP at MILF.

Titindi ng madudugong labanan hanggang RAMADAN, hanggang sa matauhan ang bawat isa, hanggang sa magkaubusan, mapagod at magreflect sa sariling wala palang nananalo at ang talo ay ang mamamayan. Bantayan natin ang mga ikinikilos ni Sec Puno, Norberto Gonzales, Teodoro at US. Ang mahalaga, itigil ang iligal na pag-aarmas at pag-oorganisa ng Cafgu sa civilian population. Ceasefire muna, balik usapan muna.
Members of the Ilaga Christian vigilante group assemble in Barangay Mampurok, North Cotabato province. The Ilaga, which has undergone a revival, is accused of killing Musl
im civilians and torching homes.)

Kumplikado at kailangang mag-ingat sa pagdadala ng isyu ng MOA-AD. Sa ngayon, ang lumalabas, parang dadalawa na lamang ang pagpipilian ni Mang Pandoy; ang MOA-AD at ang madugong Gera na itinutulak ngayon ng Malakanyang. Ang nakakalungkot, parang ang kapayapaan ay matatamo lamang kung papayag na bitiwan ng MILF ang kanilang mga armas (surrender ang kanilang armas) at ihatag si Cato at Brabo sa awtoridad.

Parang ginagamit na ALIBI ng Malakanyang si Commander Kato at si Bravo upang ibasura ang peace process at MOA-AD at upang paluhurin, gipitin, tirisin, pasukuin, pilayan ang MILF at pasunurin ito ayon sa kagustuhan ng Malakanyang. Pati oposisyon, Senado, Simbahan at ilang civil society group ay nauuto, parang nakukumbinsi at naiisahan ng administrasyon. Kung 'di magbabago ang TREND, mas ang hahamig, makikinbang at lalakas ay ang paksyon pa ni GMA, Puno at iba pang galamay at malamang dire-diretso na ito hanggang 2010 and beyond.

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Looking at the grim faces and costs of GRP military operations against MILF
August 27, 2008
The grim costs of the joint operations of the government forces, including their auxiliary forces, starting August 9, 2008 to date against merely two Base Commands of the Bangsamoro Islamic Armed Forces (BIAF) – Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) headed by Ustaz Ameril Umbra Kato and Commader Bravo could be listed down as follows:

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

On the Allegations re US Intervention

An Open Letter from the Moro Comrades

Implying that the US intervened in the crafting of the Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain is one thing, but accusing the Bangsamoro, particularly the Moro Islamic Liberation Front of collusion with the US and the Arroyo administration to serve the interests of both is another thing. It is unbelievable how a letter and a US report can be enough to discredit the Bangsamoro, totally disregarding our own dar
k history and current resistance against the United States not only as Moros of this country, but more so as Muslims of the world.
(Photo; US Ambassador Kristie Kenney and MILF chairman Al Haj Murad emerge from a close-door meeting in Camp Camp Darapanan in Sultan Kudarat;

The insult is even more excruciating with this accusation coming from comrades in the progressive movement, and especially with these comrades arriving at this analysis without any attempt to hear our side. Our opinion may not be as highly intellectual as yours, our analysis not as scientific, our political consciousness not at par. But in the spirit of democracy for which we fought along with you once upon a time, we think we deserve to be heard even if our basis is merely common sense.

First Point. As part of this political spectrum, we have always been assured of and thereby honestly believed in the block’s recognition of the Bangsamoro Struggle for Right to Self-Determination. However, raising the issues of constitutionality and national sovereignty leaves us wondering if all these time, RSD has only been a beautiful, empty slogan for you. Doesn’t the line “BJE is treason” sou
nd familiar? Isn’t this the very same line of the very same exploitative and oppressive system you rise up against? For a non-Moro to say that the BJE is a betrayal of the legitimate interests and aspirations (of the Bangsamoro…since this is the currently proposed concrete form of RSD for the Moro people) is to echo the very chauvinism of the very bourgeoisie that you abhor, who looks down upon the Moro people as a stupid bunch, inept to run our own affairs, who must swallow your analysis of things that you shove down our throats, undeserving of the right to make decisions for ourselves. Is this your definition of RSD? We have long accepted the fact that there is indeed no hope for the Bangsamoro with this administration. The earlier discourse on the MOA-AD made us realize that we have no hope with the opposition either. Now, we are again faced with the realization that there is also no hope for us with the so-called progressives, not even with our own comrades. And so far, this is what hurt most.

Second Point. The infamous letter of the late MILF Chair Hashim Salamat to US President Bush in 2003, and the USIP Report released in February of this year, may be enough to cast shadows of doubt. But if we are for an impartial, responsible analysis, other truths and realities should have been considered.

Foremost, an MILF insider clarified that said letter was in response to the branding of the MILF as a terrorist group. It was written purposely to contend the allegation and not for the purpose of aski
ng America’s help. In Chairman Salamat’s letter to President Bush he asks him to "use your good office in rectifying the error that continues to negate and derogate the Bangsamoro People's fundamental right to seek decolonization. .”. This has been criticized as ‘selling out’ to US interests. But let us not forget it is the United States that started all this by illegally annexing the Bangsamoro Homeland to the Philippines when it granted the latter Independence in 1898. This mess is their creation, they have the responsibility to help clean it up. This is what the letter could be alluding to.

Nonetheless, the Bangsamoro has always distanced itself from the US, allying solely with other Islamic countries. It has not even relied much on the United Nations, knowing US influence on the body. Anti-US resentment among the Moro people stems not just from ideological differences but from a deeper, faith-based antipathy. Many Muslims believe that after the fall of Communism, Islam is now the greatest en
emy of America who only has two policies for the Muslims worldwide, assimilation or annihilation. A collusion with them for the Muslims is tantamount not only to sleeping with the enemy but to sleeping with death itself. Have you forgotten that it is the Moro people that is the subject of the anti-terror policy of the US in the Philippines?

Earlier this year, the Moro people, including Muslim leaders, congressmen, governors, mayors, in Sulu, Lanao and other parts of Mindanao launched massive protest actions against the Balikatan Exercises, with the Moro youth, mostly from the MILF, throwing tomatoes at American soldiers, amidst harassments and persecution. If there are Americans in the Bangsamoro homeland now, that is because of the imposition of the National Government and against the will of the Moro people.

If we receive the extended hand of US, it is only in obedience to the Islamic teaching to be just even to those we do not like. But we have not forgotten that US hands are red with our ances
tors’ blood. One hundred years after the Bud Daho Massacre, where almost a thousand of our people, including elders, women and children were helplessly killed, we still commemorate the tragedy every single year, so that we, and those who will come after us will not forget. How dare you now accuse us of selling our homeland, our people, our future, when no amount of billion dollars is enough to pay even for our past?

If America is poised to be the protector of our territory, well thanks, but no thanks. Did you honestly believe that we will allow that? You did not even bother to ask. No less than the USIP report, the instrument you now revere to contain the truth said, “Some Moro and non-Moro leaders and civil society activists assumed that USIP was a Central Intelligence Agency front organization whose true objective was to infiltrate the MILF...,” The report may have claimed that USIP overcame this assumption, but is this eno
ugh to judge us? Attendance or participation in their consultations cannot be construed as allegiance with them. Allow us to reiterate that the liberation movement of the Bangsamoro never relied on US intervention. How can it now, in the final stages of the process, just give it to US in a silver platter? And what, just abandon Malaysia, and the Organization of Islamic Countries, which has already given so much and proven their commitment to the cause? Political dynamics between Malaysia and US will tell us that Malaysia will never concur or give in to US dictate.

As for GMA’s Charter Change, we condemn the use of our legitimate struggle to serve her and her cohorts’ interests. We push for the MOA-AD because it contains general principles recognizing Bangsamoro RSD but we say No to Charter Change. We stand by our belief that there is nothing in the MOA-AD which requires Constitutional amendment before 2010. No less than Fr. Joaquin Bernas said so, many times. Fr. Bernas used to be an authority on matters of the Constitution, his opinion sought after in our past debates
with this administration. How come these days, on this issue involving the same Constitution, everyone has become expert Constitutionalists, except Fr. Bernas?

Anyway even if we are against GMA’s cha-cha, why should we limit ourselves to the framework of the current constitution? The progressive movement has never limited the struggle to the constitutional framework and has in fact adopted strategies which lie outside the framework of the constitution.

Comrades, we were one with you in the fight to kick out the US from this country. We were one with you in the struggle to kick out GMA. We do not expect you to be one with us on this, we just did not expect that on the slightest provocation of a US report, you will turn against us in this manner an
d kick us out.

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Saturday, August 23, 2008


The results of the May 2007 gubernatorial elections brought ripples of hope around the country that any well-meaning Kapampangan would be proud of. Shunning the usual practices characteristic of traditional and patronage politics, we elected Gov. Eddie Panlilio on the basis of his good governance platform. It was one shining moment for Pampanga that future generations can always look back to for inspiration.
SHOW ME THE MONEY. Pampanga Governor Ed Panlilio holding a bundle of the "cash gift" he was given in a meeting in Malacañang. [photo by Joe Galvez];

We recognize the many gains that the Panlilio administration has attained for Pampanga after just a year in office. We are especially grateful for the:

ü Sincere efforts to address sectoral issues and concerns by institutionalizing structures and mechanisms (e.g. Indigenous Peoples' Council, Youth Development Council, Persons with Disabilities, etc.)

ü Increase in quarry collections and the immediate distribution of the shares of the participating local government units

ü Convening of the Provincial Development Council after several years of inactivity

We STRONGLY REJECT the recall initiative filed against Gov. Panlilio at this point in time. A year after the elections, we are just beginning to heal the wounds of divisions through dialogues and peaceful negotiations. Holding a divisive political exercise so soon will only re-open the as yet unhealed wounds and undermine efforts for Pampanga's progress.

We enjoin our political leaders and the Kapampangan populace to give PEACE AND UNITY a chance especially at this time when we are confronted
with a global economic crisis that renders us all vulnerable. We respect the mandate that the people have accorded Governor Eddie Panlilio in the same way that we respect the mandate given to Vice-Governor Joseller Guiao, the members of the Provincial Board and the rest of Pampanga's duly-elected officials.
While we say no to recall at this instant, we challenge the Panlilio administration to immediately implement MUCH-NEEDED REFORMS, foremost among which are:
ü Ensure checks and balances at the Capitol by not concentrating power and authority on the Provincial Administrator who holds other positions of influence. We recommend the creation of a Multi-Sectoral Advisory Council composed of experts and stakeholders in priority development areas to enhance the participatory character of the Panlilio administration;

ü Give flesh to good governance in Pampanga first and foremost. Breathe life to the campaign platform of "Daing ding Pakakalulu, Iyatad king Kapitolyo" by laying down foundations for economic empowerment to wean the people away from jueteng;

ü Offer a peaceful resolution to the impasse with the BALAS boys. BALAS being the cornerstone of the Panlilio administration' s achievements, it is but fitting to accord the BALAS workers the basic courtesy of due process in confronting allegations of anomalies. We urge Gov. Panlilio to honor his promise of unconditional reinstatement of the BALAS boys who went on strike to dramatize their protest against unjust treatment. We recommend the creation of an investigative body that will look into the alleged anomalies as basis for imposing sanctions on those found guilty and clearing the names of those who are not guilty.

Pampanga stands to lose much if we are to continue this political tug of war that has been adversely affecting our province's growth and development. We say NO TO RECALL and YES TO REFORMS as we commit to cooperate with both the Executive and Legislative branches of the Provincial Government in making good governance happen in our beloved Pampanga.


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Sa panayam sa Gua-Gua, Pampanga, sinabi ni Panlilio na wala siyang nakikitang ibang rason sa recall kundi ang kanyang kampanya laban sa illegal numbers game.
Pilit umanong itinatanggi ng mga lokal na opisyal ng Pampanga ang illegal na sugal pero ito ay nananatili sa operasyon.

Thursday, August 14, 2008
Panlilio told to 'act as governor' by Ian Ocampo Flora
CITY OF SAN FERNANDO -- Leaders of civil society groups Kapampangan Coalition, Inc. (KCI) and Kapampangan Marangal, Inc. (KMI) have a common advice to Governor Eddie Panlilio.
KCI's Fr. Resty Lumanlan and KMI's Averell Laquindanum both said that Panlilio "should start acting as a governor" and exert his authority on the management of provincial affairs.

Arroyo allies back recall petition vs Panlilio by Tonette Orejas

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

An alarming and frightening situation in Mindanao

Letter of Concern:
From: Philippinenbüro im Asienhaus
To: facinco

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

please find attached an urgent action of our Actionnetwork Human Rights - Philippines regarding the alarming and frightening situation in Mindanao. Please feel free to send and circulate this letter of concern to President Arroyo, the Supreme Court, the MILF and the OPAPP (postal adresses and emailadresses included in the file at the end of the letter).
We hope and pray that the involved actors will find a solution to end the suffering of the civilians trapped in the crossfire.

Kind regards,
Maike Grabowski

Photo: Left ; MILF fighters,; AFP Armored personnel carriers patrol streets; right: Separatist Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) fighters conduct field manoeuvers as they wait for the resumption of peace talks with the Philippine government at Camp Darapanan, in Sultan Kudarat on Mindanao island February 20, 2008. MILF leader Muhamad Murad has said talks being brokered by Malaysia are to resume in

I would like to express my serious concern regarding the current conflict in central Mindanao. Due to the recent outbreak of war in Mindanao more than 70,000 people had become internally displaced and rely on humanitarian aid and on the conflicting parties to stop fighting. I would like to appeal to all actors in the conflict, the MILF, the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) as well as local politicians and other armed groups to refrain from the use of violent force and adhere to the agreed peace process. (above Photo:

The Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) recently issued by the Supreme Court has stalled the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain (MOA). While I consider this a major setback in the quest for peace, I believe that the Supreme Court shouldn’t allow itself to become a stumbling block in resolving a political conflict that requires a political solution. I therefore appeal to the Supreme Court to lift the TRO and allow the peace process to move forward.

There is a need for continued consultation, transparent dialogue and information on the MOA, not only in Mindanao, but in all of the Philippines. The MOA is the result of 110 consultative sessions between the MILF and the GRP since 2004. It embodies important aspirations of the Bangsamoro struggle, such as the right to self-determination as well as the commitment of the government to address the historic inequalities at the root of the conflict.

It is vital that these aspirations will not be used for any other agenda and that the accomplishments of the peace process will be honoured. Particularly those politicians who may feel threatened by the changes the MOA will bring about should be reminded of the fundamental right to self-determination of the Bangsamoro people as recognized under international law. The GRP should clearly intervene here to prevent further escalation. Inflammatory propaganda and militarisation on behalf of those who may loose from the MOA must not poison the relationship between the people of Mindanao.

With regard to current discussions on a charter change in connection to the MOA, I would like to point out that while there will indeed be a need for comprehensive legislative action with the signing of the MOA, it is premature to pursue these changes before the presidential election in 2010. According to the timeframe of the MOA it will take the parties twelve (12) months after the signing to proceed with the plebiscite and a total of fifteen (15) months to complete the negotiations and resolve all outstanding issues on the Comprehensive Compact. Given this timeframe there won’t be enough time to undertake charter changes via the GRP-MILF talks.

I appeal to all actors in the conflict to listen to the peaceful voices of the civilians and refugees in Mindanao – the Bangsamoro people, indigenous people and migrant settlers alike and to address the grievances at the root of the conflict.

Kind Regard

Monday, August 18, 2008

Tularan si Musharraf, GMA magbitiw na sa pwesto

Doy Cinco
August 19, 2008
Lubhang mabilis at nakababahala ang mga kaganapan sa ating bansa; ang tumitinding gera sa Mindanao, ang naudlot na peace process, ang nabulilyasong kasunduang GRP-MILF para sa ancestral domain na inagapang i-TRO ng Korte Suprema (signing sa Kuala Lumpur), ang kahilingang ipostpone ang ARMM Election ng magkatuwang GMA at MILF na agad namang sinupalpal ng senado, ang "patagong pakiki-alam ng US State Department at kalinga't pakikipaglandian ng US Ambasador Kenney sa pamunuan ng MILF," na pikit matang pinababayaan ng palasyo ng Malakanyang. (above Photo: "We have to act decisively." Armored personnel carriers patrol streets of Kauswagan,; below, Fighting between rebels and troops broke out earlier this month,

Ang apat na araw na bakbakan sa North Cotobato, Basilan at kasalukuyang umiinit na labanan sa Lanao del Norte ay nagresulta ng katastropiya't humanitarian crisis sa mahigit 100,000 inosenteng sibilyan. Idagdag pa ang di-kaika-ikayang realidad sa buong bansa; ang trahedya ng "bangkang papel-noah's ark" na patakarang subsidyo-dole out mendicant mentality at malubhang krisis pang-ekonomyang mas higit pa sa tama't epekto ng World War II; ang lumalalang kahirapan at kagutuman, ang lumalaking bilang ng unemployment, prostitusyon, kriminalidad, ang maramihang exodus, pag-aalsa balutan sa ibayong dagat ng panggitnang saray na mga professional, ang pagkakabaon at patuloy na pagtalima sa utang panlabas na siyang kumakain ng halos sangkatlo ng kabang yaman ng bansa.

Ang “pagyurak at paggamit ng Constitution para sa pansariling kapakinabangan, ang pambablack mail o “paggamit ng peace process,” ang isyu ng pagsangkalan sa MOA – Ancestral Domain bilang "TROJAN HORSE" kapalit ang pampulitikang agendang "magtagal sa poder lagpas sa itinatadhana ng batas sa 2010." Muling ipagwagwagan ang nailibing na Cha Cha-Constitutional Assembly cum Federalismo at kumbisihin ang ilang sektor, kasama ang ilang matataas na Heneral sa AFP sa nilulutong "no-election senaryo at pinaplanong pagdidiklara muli ng emergency power, Marcosian style Martial Law.”

Lahat ng ito ay sanhi ng pitong (7) taong pampulitikang KARMA, ang ilihitimong panunungkulan, ang kaswapangan
at pang-aabuso sa kapangyarihan, ang kawalan ng direksyon at patakaran. Ang lameduck president, pasirku-sirko, pabago-bago, pakambyo-kambyong polisiya na nagdulot ng kawalang pagtitiwala at kredibilidad ng Malakanyang. Ang "kahinaan ng estado o pekeng strong republic” na siyang sanhi ng walang patumanggang pagluray ng mga demokratikong institusyon, ang hindi mabilang na krimen, kasong pandarambong at patong-patong na anomalyang kinasasangkutan ng administrasyong GMA, kasama ang ilang "utak pulburang heneral," makapangyarihang elite group sa hanay ng Muslim MIndanao at traditional opposition na nagkukunwari, pumupusturang para sa kapayapaan habang nagtutulak, nagsusulsol ng "total war" laban sa mga kapatid nating muslim sa Mindanao. (Photo below: Musharrap resignation;

Ang isinusulong na peace process at dekadang "panawagang democratic rights to self-determination ng Bangsa Moro" ay wala ng puwang at pag-asa sa ilalim ng gigiray-giray na administrasyon Arroyo. Kung ito ang dahilan at ugat, ang pinagmumulan ng problema ng country, "pulitika ang solusyon, mag ala-Musharraf (Pakistan Prime Minister na nagbitiw sa pwesto kahapon), magresign na sa tungkulin si GMA."

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"For the government to declare all-out war against the MILF would be the most serious blunder that this sitting regime could commit. A prolonged all-out war ... would inevitably bring this regime to its knees because of the dire economic and political repercussions that such a war would engender. And this is precisely the situation that those opposed to this regime are just waiting for so they could easily seize power,"
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Agence France-Presse
PNP, aarmasan na ang mga sibilyan vs MILF - Razon

Friday, August 15, 2008

Win a bottle of Champagne

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Win a bottle of Champagne
Saturday, 16 August 2008
Make us laugh and win a bottle of Champagne

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(Just for your information, here's the real caption: "US President George W. Bush playfully pats the back of US Women's Beach Volleyball team player Misty May-Treanor at her invitation while visiting the Chaoyang Park Beach Volleyball Grounds at the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, China, 9 August, 2008. Teammate Kerri Walsh watches. REUTERS/Larry Downing")

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kasali ba ang RP sa Beijing Olympics?

Doy Cinco
August 13
, 2008
Panay kahihiyan na lamang ang inaabot natin sa kuko ng mga buguk nating mga lider pulitiko. Sa mahigit labing-isang (11) delegasyon na may kabuuang 89.0 milyong populasyon, may anim na (6) araw na ang Beijing Olympic at magpahanggang ngayon ay zero't wala parin tayo sa medal standing. Sa kabila ng sinasabing, "umuunlad na tayo, may mataas na GNP growth rate na tayo, maayos na economic fundamentals, marami tayong pera dulot ng malaking koleksyon ng buwis sa VAT at patungo na tayo raw sa FIRST WORLD country level category," "kulelat pa rin tayo, devastated pa rin tayo, eliminated ang ating mga atleta sa Beijing Olympics!"

Sa kasalukuyan, leading ang C
hina na may 2
2 ginto; sumisegunda ang USA 13; Germany 8, Korea 6; ang Italy 6 at Japan 5, Australia 5, Russia 3, Great Britain 2, Czekoslovakia 2, Georgia 2, ang bansang may 4.5 million population (halos kalahating populasyon lamang ng Metro Manila) at kaaway ng Russia, Azerbaijan 2, France 2, tig-iisang ginto sa mga bansang Netherland, Romania, Finland, Spain, North Korea, India, Cuba, Mongolia, mga 'di kilalang bansang tulad ng Uzbekskistan, Tajikistan at iba pang mauunlad na bansa ay nasa medal standing. Buti pa ang bansang Ethiopia, sa Africa, isang bansang mahirap, may on going internal conflict at palagiang dumaranas ng masidhing tag-gutom, palagian ding may gintong nakukuhsa sa tuwing may Olympics!

Kung sa ASEAN ang bagbabatayan nating; may tig-iisang (1) ginto na ang Thailand at Indonesia. Mayroon na ring tig-iisang (1) silver ang Vietnam, Malaysia at Singapore
(latest news). Tayo, zero pa rin! Ang inaasahang medalya ni Tañamor, naging bangungut. Mukhang LUHAAN, demoralisado at maagang mag-uuwian ang atletang Pinoy.

Kung noo'y napapasama tayo sa labanan, bakit ngayon at tila mailap sa atin ang mapasama sa medal standing? Kung babalikan ang history ng Philippine standing sa Olympic; 1928 Amsterdam Olympics, may isang (1) bronse tayo sa swimming; 1932 Los Angeles Olympics, may nasungkit tayong anim (6) na bronse; 1964 Tokyo Olympics, may isang (1) silver; noong 1992 Barcelona Olympics, may isa uling (1) bronse sa boxing at nung 1996 Atlanta Olympics, may isang silver sa boxing. Papaatras ang Pilipinas, hindi na tayo umasenso't umulad. Sukat akalain mo ba namang overtekan pa tayo ng Vietnam at Indonesia!

Kahit ipagmalaking "na-break ang Philippine (local) records" sa Beijing Olympics, eh ano ngayon, ang hanap ng country, karangalang medalyang maiuuwi. Kahit sabihin pa nating magagaling ang mga professional (perahan lang) natin sa bowling, boxing, billard at swimming, pagdating sa world competition tulad ng Olympics, nangangamote ang Pilipinas. Kahit pa sabihing may pabuyang P15.0 milyon sa sino mang makakapag-uwi ng ginto sa Beijing Olympics, tulad din ng mga pabuyang inihatag sa medalyang nakuha ng atletang Pinoy sa Asian Games at SEA Games, mga pondong pinag-ambagan ng pribado at gubyerno (GMA), wala pa rin!

Kahit pa sabihing tadtad na tayo ng batas (bills) mula sa Tongreso na bigyang karangalan at rewards ang sinumang makakapag-uwi ng medalya, wala pa rin epekto! Kahit maki-alam na't mag-intervene ang mga pribadong kumpanyang maglaan ng milyong pisong pag-eendorso ng kanilang produkto, hindi pa rin umubra, butata pa rin. Nasaan ang mali, nasaan ang problema​, bakit mailap sa atin ang medalya, bakit tayo kulelat?

Ang sigurado, wala tayong malinaw na pambansang patakaran (national policy) para sa programang sports development.
"Kapos sa pondo, resources, inprastruktura't mga facilities na kakailanganin upang tugunan ang isang seryosong programang pang sports development. " Kakailanganin ng malaki-laking budget o perang maaring ipangtustos sa pambansang programa na pwedeng manggaling sa nakokolektang VAT na ginagamit ng Malakanyang ngayon sa pagsusubsidi ng mahihirap na Pilipino. Ang "elite training program" ng “Gintong Alay (1981)” ni Michael Keon, ang pamankin ni Pres Marcos, na sinasabing nagpa-angat at nagpalakas raw ng ating mga atletang pang-international na pinanglaban sa regional competition. .

Kakailanganin ng isang "mahaba-haba, komprehensibo at GRASSROOT sports development program, maliban sa mungkahing i-reframing (crazy BASKETBALL) ang ating pambansang programa at sistemang sport development upang makapagpasulpot ng mga manglalarong decalibre, ala-Cuba na pang world class at pang regional (Asia at ASEAN competiton)."

Kaya lang, ang problema, bukud sa bilyong pisong nawawala sa kabang yamang dulut ng araw-araw na pangungurakot, champion ang gubyerno sa pamumulitika,
isa tayong MARALITA at mahinang estado at parang may sakit na cancer na kakailanganin ng isang overhauling, ng isang pagbabago. Ang nakakalungkot, ang tanging kayang ipagmalaki ng Pilipinas ay ang pagiging "katulong (super maid / caregiver) ng mundo, mayroon tayong pang world class na mga aliping sagigilid na ine-export sa mundo."

Ang Beijing Olympics ang siyang naging daan pa upang maisara ang mga kontratang ipinangako ng bansang China sa Pilipinas, ang pagbubukas ng MINING at ang pagsusumamong ituloy ng China ang kontrobersyal na Northrail projects sa bansa. Bukud sa junket at paglalakwatsa, “pangungutang, pamamalimus ang tunay na pakay” at hindi ang palakasin ang loob ng atletang Pinoy na demoralisado't nangangambang malalagay sa kulelat. Ang Malungkot, parang tinakasan muli ang lumalalang krisis pulitikal ang bansa, ang kaliwa't kanang iregularidad at kaguluhan, ang manawagang ipostpone ang ARMM Election, wasakin ang isinasagawang PEACE PROCESS sa Mindanao, salaulain ang Konstitusyon at iporma ang pagpapanumbalik ng Cha Cha, Con As cum Federalismo.

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In any Olympic games most of the attention and money go to winning athletes from countries that invest heavily in sports.
But for many developing nations gold medals remain out of reach despite their people's love of sport.
The Philippines is one such country which always ends up punching below its weight in the Olympic arena, as Al Jazeera's Marga Ortigas reports.


4a1978 wrote today at 10:32 PM
Dito sa Australia sports ang pinakanangingibabaw sa buong kultura. Maraming football fields, cricket grounds, mga recreation parks, mga public swimming pools, at iba-iba public facilities para magamit ng publiko sa larangan ng sports and recreation. Marami ding public golf courses at arena na may tennis club, basketball clubs, etc. Sports divide the people here lalu kung championships round ng football or rugby. Pero after that united na ulit ang bayan. Ika nga sport is a way of life here. Minsan nga mas pinapaboran nila ang athletes kaysa sa mga nerds. Mas sikat ang football star kaysa sa musical genius o genius sa math. Siguro ito na rin ang dahilan kung bakit sa 20 milyong population ng Australia ito ang third biggest contingent sa Beijing Olympics. Sana mas tumaas ang medal tally ng Australia towards the end of the games. Aussie, Aussie,...Oi, Oi, Oi!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

“PEACE PROCESS”, nauwi sa dating gawi

Doy Cinco /
t 12, 2008
Matapos mapahiya't kastiguhin sa Senado si Gen Esperon sa akusasyong “hindi tutugon” sa anumang military action, naitulak na makapag set ng deadline ang Kalihim ng Tanggulang Pambansa / Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) sa Moro Islamic Liberation Forces (MILF) na i-atras nito sa mahigit limang bayan ng North Cotobato ang mahigit kumulang na isang libong tropang militar na patuloy na naninindigang manatili sa lugar. Tulad ng inaasahan, dedma ang MILF, nauwi sa dating gawi, umaatikabong bakbakan.
(above Photo:
FIRE FOR FIRE. Soldiers load ammunition into a 105 mm Howitzer cannon as they prepare to fire towards Moro Islamic Liberation Front positions in Aleosan, North Cotabato. The military poured more troops and intensified its artillery assault to flush out renegade rebels from some 22 villages they had occupied. AFP (06:43 PM),

Sa tatlong araw na inkwentrong militar, muling ipinakita ng MILF ang lakas ng kanyang pwersa at mukhang wala itong planong umatras ano man ang consequences at klase ng collateral damage. Bukud sa ilang bayang hawak sa North Cotobato, kinontrol din nito ang estratehikong Davao-Cotobato National Highway, ang Paggagwan-Pagalungan Highway mula sa Barangay Balingawan, Pikit, North Cotobato. Iba na rin ang usapan kung ika'y nasa "belligerency status at may suportang tanaw mula sa Estados Unidos."

Sa ilang bayan, may labing limang (15) barangay sa mga bayan ng Midsayap, North Cotobato ang pinagtatalunan at ang dalawa pa lamang ang nababawi ng militar mula sa kamay at kontrol ng MILF. Ibig sabihin, nananatiling hawak ng MILF ang malaking bahagi ng teritoryo ng Midsayap, Aleosan, Pikit at ilang mga kanugnug na mahihirap na bayan ng North Cotobato na ang tanging kabuhayan ay ang pagtatanim.

(above Photo:
MORE TROOPS. Army reinforcements arrive in Pikit, North Cotabato as the military pours more troops and intensifies artillery assault to flush out renegade Moro Islamic Liberation Front rebels from some 22 villages they had occupied in the southern province. AFP/JAY DIRECTO,

ARMM Election
Kasabay ng kaguluhan at ang paglabas ng initial assessment ng Comelec na, “matagumpay, peaceful at normal at 80% turnout” ang ARMM election, maliban raw sa ilang insidente ng "barilan (agawan ng ballot), hakutan, flying voters (ilang ulit 5x bumoboto), talamak na vote buying sa maraming lugar ng ARMM, sa Lanao del Sur, Sulu, Tawi-tawi, Maguindanao, ang Shariff Kabunsuan at Basilan at ang problema ng transmittal ng sinasabing high tech na voting machine."

Sa mahigit ilang dekada, kilalang "moro-moro lamang ang mga election sa Muslim Mindanao." Kung baga, pormalidad na lamang ang election kung saan ito'y kadalasa'y dinisisyunan na sa isang tagong silid sa Malakanyang. Kung matatandaan, ang ARMM Election na gustong ipatigil ng MILF ay masugit na sinuportahan ni GMA bilang bahagi ng “peace process” ng MOA – GRP-MILF ay sinawata ng Senado.

"Peace Process," Lokohang MOA on Ancestral Domain
Kasabay ng pagkaka-udlot na MOA ng MILF-GRP na kamuntikanang pirmahan nung nakaraang linggo sa Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, ang pag-aalburuto at pag-eetchepwera ng ilang LGUs executive sa usapan, ang alegasyong nagoyo ng palasyo ng Malakanyang ang MILF at paglabag nito sa Saligang Batas ang nasabing MOA. Idagdag pa ang mahigpit na pagtutol ng mamamayang Pilipino, ang pag TRO ng Korte Suprema at supalpal ng Senado sa hiling ni GMA at MILF na ipostpone ang ARMM election. Sa akalang “done deal at tapos na ang usapan,” umani ng maraming suportang ibasura na nga ng lubusan ang MOA ancestral Domain ng GRP-MILF.

Kasabay ito ang kumpirmasyong pakiki-alam ng US State Department at ilang Kanluraning Bansa sa nasabing “peace process at MOA” na ang dahilan, ang nakasalang na acestral domain ng BJE ay may taglay-taglay na likas yamang reserbang bilyong bariles na langis at natural gas.
Habang patuloy na nakikipagpatayan ang military at MILF, trahedya, katastropiya at humanitarian crisis ang kapalit na naging bunga sa civilian population ng North Cotobato. Paralisado ang kabuhayan, ang edukasyon at pang-araw-araw na takbo ng pamumuhay. May 160,000 mga tao ang sa ngayon ang napilitang lumikas at patuloy na maninirahan sa mga government evacuation center.
As fighting between government troops and Muslim rebels intensify in the South, some 160,000 have fled their homes and are now housed in evacuation centers, like this group waiting for medical check-up in a school building converted into an evacuation center in Aleosan town in North Cotabato province on Tuesday. AFP Photo,

Sa takbo ng mga pangyayari, hindi natin alam kung tatagal, huhupa, lalala o PEKENG gera ito sa pagitan ng militar at MILF. Kung titindi, hindi mapanghahawakan ang sitwasyon at aabot hanggang sa Kamaynilaan ang kaguluhan, malamang ; Una, mauuwi sa senaryong kahalintulad sa Iraq, Afghanistan o Bosnia Herzegovina ang Pilipinas at kung ganito ang patunguhan, walang dudang "maaring maapektuhan ang katatagang seguridad ni GMA, kahalintulad nung kasagsagan ng opensibang militar na inilunsad ni President Erap Estrada nung 2001 sa MILF Camp Abubakar kung saan nagresulta ito ng kanyang maagang pagkakasipa sa poder."
Pangalawa, maaring samantalahin ng Malakanyang ang "paglala ng kaguluhan" upang bigyang katwirang ang diklerasyon ng ''emergency power cum martial law." Gamitin ang sitwasyon sa Mindanao, ang gera sa pagitan ng MILF upang swabeng maibenta sa madla ang pangangailangan ng Charter Change.

Tulad ng dati, maliwanag na parang LOKOHAN at nalalagay sa alanganin ang “peace process hindi lamang sa Mindanao, maging sa buong bansa.”
Ang panawagang 'democratic right to self-determination' ng mga kapatid nating Muslim Mindanao at pansamantalang “ceasefire at bumalik sa negotiating table” ay tila alingaw-ngaw sa kalawakang walang tugon. Ang tanong ng marami, sino ang mas makikinabang sa gerang ito? Ang Malakanyang, ang mga General sa military, ang US State Department, ang Kongreso, ang grupong MILF o ang mamamayang Kristiano, Muslim o Katutubong Lumad?

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Baiting the MILF?
.....The parallelism is striking. Ferdinand Marcos was barred from running in the 1973 elections, but he was banking on the just-opened constitutional convention to make the shift to a parliamentary system under which he could end up as prime minister. He was the most unpopular and distrusted president the country ever had, a record that would take a Gloria Arroyo to break. He exaggerated the threat coming from the communist rebels.

There were also mounting calls for Marcos to step down. Many, however, were prepared to suffer a few months more of his stay, consoling themselves that he would soon be exiting anyway.
Marcos declared martial law 15 months before his term was to end in 1973. In the case of Gloria, she has 20 more months in office - enough to time to pull off a similar coup against the Republic.
At the moment, the MILF is not rising to the bait. Let's try to keep it that way by refusing to be party to anti-Muslim hysteria that Gloria and her cabal of generals would likely whip up in the coming days.

Full Text:

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

"Dedbol" na ang GRP-MILF MOA

Doy / Aug 5, 2008
Sa tindi ng pagtutol ng maraming sektor, ng simbahan, civil society group sa Mindanao, apektadong LGUs, oposisyon at mismo ng Comelec, naibasura at nailabas ang temporary restraining order (TRO) ng Korte Suprema, malamang sa hindi na makabangon ang memorandum of agreement (MOA) ng GRP- MILF, ancestral domain cum Cha Cha scheme ng palasyo. Kasabay ring sinupalpalan ng Senado ang Malakanyang sa planong postponement ng ARMM Election na malapit ng ganapin sa 11 ng Agosto, taong kasalukuyan.

(left Photo:
CONSULT US. Students and teachers from Amas National High School in Kidapawan City, most of them wearing red shirts, join thousands of residents from North Cotabato in a prayer rally held today at the capitol compound, calling on the national government to consult them first before signing a memorandum of agreement on ancestral domain with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. Mallu Cadelina Manar,

Ang pinangangambahan ng marami, mukhang ginagamit lamang bilang decoy ang "peace process," ang kasunduan ng GRP-MILF Ancestral Domain ng palasyo ng Malakanyang "upang patagong buksan at buhayin muli ang charter change provision o pag-aamyenda ng Konstitusyon patungo sa term extension ng kinamumuhian, unpopular, hindi pinagtitiwalaan at lameduck na presidenteng si GMA." Dagdag pa, bukud sa parang lokohan na lamang, ura-urada at pabago-bagong mga patakaran, walang proseso na magkaroon man lang ng puwang sa demokratikong konsultasyon sa lahat ng apektadong sektor, partikular ang mga local government units at mamamayan sa mga kumunidad na masasaklawan ng Bangsamoro Judicial Entity (BJE).

Ano man ang kahinatnan o sabihin ng MILF na "done deal" na, tapos na ang usapan at napagkasunduan sa gubyernong Macapagal Arroyo, namamali at nadedenggoy an
g mga ito, sapagkat, "bukud sa gagamitin lamang sila sa motibong charter chage, maliwanag na mis representation ang nangyari, illigetimate na pamunuan ng isang bansa ang kanilang kausap (weak at pekeng presidente), meaning, nakoryente, naloko sila ng GMA administration. " Mas kinikilala at mas mataas ang respeto ng mga Filipino sa ngayon sa Supreme Court, Senado, ang Simbahan at civil society.

Pangalwa; maliit man ang maging turn out (plus o minos 20%) ng Election at inaasahang kalat-kalat na kaguluhang idudulot ng "CLAN WAR
hindi ng insureksyon ng MILF, " maliwanag na bigo ang Malakanyang na tarantaduhin ang Konstitusyon, idiskaril ang katatagan ng Comelec, ang pilot testing at epekto ng ELECTORAL AUTOMATION MACHINE. Mukhang tuluy-tuloy na ang 2010 presidential election at tulad ng inaasahan, magdiriwang ang mga llamadong presidentiables sa Senado at angkang Ampatuan.

Ang isang tanong, rumesbak kaya o magpanibagong taktika't estratehiya ang Malakanyang? Napag-alaman nating may ilang namumuong movements ng mga LGUs na malapit sa Malakanyang at tila ipinopormang muli ang People Initiative (PI) na pangungunahan ng ULAP (Union of Local Authorities of the Philippines).

Kung walang kadala-dala ang Malakanyang at patuloy na ipagwawagwagan ang naudlot na MOA-Ancestral Domain at pagtatayo ng Bangsamoro Juridicial Entity (BJE) bilang bahagi raw ng “peace process,” ano ang possible na taktika, plano’t approaches ang maaring contingency ng Malakanyang? (Photo below:
REUTERS A shelter outside the arrival terminal of the international airport in the Philippine city of Davao lies in ruins after bomb blasts,,0.jpg03/05/davao,0.jpg)

Ang isang posibilidad na option ay ang paghahasik ng lagim, pagke-create ng pekeng gera o kaguluhang may malaking impak sa buong bansa. Ang modus operandi, ang papapasabog ng ilang strategic na lugar, tulad ng ilang matataong lugar sa Kamaynilaan o sa mga secondary urban centers sa buong kapuluan o dili kaya’y sa mga LRT/MRT, mga Airport, sa mga Mall at sa mga bus terminal at higit sa lahat ang gasgas na KIDNAPPING sa ilang persolalidad. Ang katawa-tawa, muling ibibintang sa MILF, sa Abu Sayaff group (ASG), sa Jemaah Islamiya (JI) at sa MNLF ang terorismo.

Walang dudang mas makikinabang sa kaguluhan ang Malakanyanag, paritkular ang kasundaluhan kaysa sa mga kaaway sa pulitika't oposisyon. Mas maraming mamatay, collateral damage ika nga, mas mainam, 'wag naman sana, sapagkat ang "all out war" at ang kahilingang dagdag na ayuda sa AFP, tulad ng procurement ng “makabago at high tech na armamentong pamatay tao (attack helicopter, tangke at mga barko de gera) at karagdagang allowances sa mga tropang sundalo ay sa wakas ay maisasakatuparan din."

Baka isa ring maaring gamitin ang patibong na “destabilization plot” na iinstiga kuno ng mga kaaway sa pulitika ni GMA na magbibigay katwiran naman sa nakaumang na “emergency power” at Martial Law, tuluy-tuloy na kapangyarihan hanggang 2013.
Kaya nga’t may kumakalat na bali-balita ngayon na iwasan muna ang paglalagi sa mga Mall, pagsakay sa mga LRT - MRT at pamamasyal sa matataong lugar. Mahirap na't baka maulit ang GLORIETA poso negro at Congress blast nung nakaraang taon.

Kaya lang, ang nakaka-intriga't nagpakomplika, maliban sa bansang Malaysia at Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), mukhang kakampi na rin ng MILF ang US State Department, European Union, Japanese govt at ilang matataas na opisyal ng gubyerno. Meaning, hindi ito sakop sa panawagan ni Bush na "global war on terrorism," sapagkat, walang Al Qaeda, walang Taliban, walang Mujaheedin, walang kumunismo at walang terrorist tagging na usapan. Ang mayroon, mga nakatagong natural resources, ang bilyong bariles na reserbang natural gas sa Liguasang Marsh na pinagkukutaang ng MILF.

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e Facilitation Project, 2003-2007
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gene Martin and Astrid S. Tuminez
February 2008 Special Report No. 202

In 2003 the U.S. Department of State asked the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) to undertake a project to help expedite a peace agreement between the government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). The MILF has been engaged in a rebellion against the GRP for more than three decades, with the conflict concentrated on the southern island of Mindanao and the Sulu Archipelago. This report highlights USIP activities in the Philippines from 2003 to 2007. It describes the conflict and its background, the substance of ongoing negotiations, USIP efforts to "facilitate" the peace process, and insights on potentially constructive steps for moving the Philippine peace talks forward. It concludes with a few lessons learned from USIP's engagement in this specific conflict, as well as general observations about the potential value of a quasi-governmental entity such as USIP in facilitating negotiations in other conflicts.

G. Eugene Martin was the executive director of the Philippine Facilitation Project. He is a retired Foreign Service officer who served as deputy chief of mission at the U.S. embassy in Manila. Astrid S. Tuminez served as the project's senior research associate. She is a senior fellow at the Southeast Asian Research Center, City University of Hong Kong, and was formerly director of research for alternative investments at AIG Global Investment Corp., and a program officer in preventing deadly conflict at Carnegie Corporation of New York.

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