Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Letter to Congresswoman Daza: We're Watching You!

Friends and Comrades:

As I'm sure you all know, Congresswoman Nanette Castelo-Daza from District 4 of Quezon City went along with GMA's Europe junket. Within District 4 lie the University of the Philippines, as well as barangays Sikatuna, Teachers' Village East, Teachers' Village West, and UP Village, basically the hub of the NGO community.

As a center for politically aware and active people, we should make efforts to influence our local congressional representative. We often focus on other initiatives and forget to hold our own local politicians accountable. And so, this is an opportunity for us to let Daza know, "Hey, we're paying attention and we're watching you." (Not to mention that it would be really embarrassing if the perceived Mecca of Filipino political reforms can't control their own Congresswoman.)

So I've written this letter and I urge you to print it out, sign it, distribute it to your organization and friends to sign, and send it (or even give it back to me and I'll send it). If anyone's in or around the IPD office you can sign it at my desk. THIS IS NOT JUST FOR RESIDENTS, as people who work and study in District 4 also make contributions to the district and thus have some rights. And if you want to change the message to something less, well, nice, please feel free.

Remember, this is just a small step whose point is to let Daza know "We're watching you, don't think you can't be held accountable."

Cecilia Pe Lero
Institute for Popular Democracy
28 Mapagkawanggawa cor. MagitingTeachers' Village Diliman,
Quezon City PHILIPPINES 1101

0920-587-0470 (m)

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