Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Police state


Thursday, February 7, 2008

What happens to a nation where cops turn into kidnappers? As the Philippine National Police celebrated its 17th anniversary yesterday, it was holding on to a man whose testimony before the Senate the administration has gone to incredible lengths to suppress. Rodolfo Lozada Jr. managed to send a text message upon his return to Manila from Hong Kong the other night, telling the world that he had been kidnapped. It took the PNP nearly a day to admit that Lozada was under its “protective custody.” (Photo: Jun Lozada /

Protection from what exactly is unclear. Senators were at the NAIA, with warrant servers of the Senate ready to place Lozada under arrest, when his plane touched down at the airport. Details of his flight were announced to the press by airport authorities. Yet not surprisingly, no Lozada showed up to face the media. Airport security officer Angel Atutubo, a former aide of the President, together with armed men “welcomed” Lozada and spirited him away.

Government authorities then led the senators and media on a wild goose chase the entire night. Romulo Neri, chairman of the Commission on Higher Education, added to the confusion by claiming that Lozada had texted him to say he was fine. Malacañang should have mercy and give Neri back his post ASAP at the National Economic and Development Authority.

President Arroyo, addressing her cops on their anniversary, gave them her marching orders: zero political killings. She should have instead ordered the PNP to ensure zero political kidnappings. Yesterday Lozada and his relatives, questioning the PNP’s detention of a key witness in the $329-million broadband corruption scandal that could reach the doorsteps of Malacañang, asked the Supreme Court to intervene. (Photo:President Arroyo poses with female members of the Philippine National Police SWAT team and Special Action Force during the 17th anniversary of the PNP at Camp Crame yesterday. Photo by WILLY PEREZ, )

The unprecedented steps that the administration is taking to prevent a witness from testifying at the Senate can only reinforce perceptions that the country is turning into a police state. The only positive aspect in this sordid story is that Lozada is still alive — or at least was, as of early last night.

Ang huling balita, pinabulaanan ni Director General na si Avelino Razon na "wala raw kidnapping, walang abduction na nangyari." Parang sinasabi ng PNP na ang lahat ay pawang boluntarismo't kagustuhan ni Jun Lozada, "walang durest at pananakot," ang lahat ng pangyayari ay may kapahintulutan ng kanyang pamilya, panatag at masaya ang kanyang pamilya sapagkat "iniligtas at prinotektahan" si Jun Lozada sa tangkang kamatayan, salvaging, sa kapahakang kasasapitan sa ilalim ng "berdugong Blue Ribbon Committee ng Senado." Na ang habol lamang ng Senado sa sinasabing Senate Investigation ng ZTE-Broadband Scam ay "IN-AID of DESTABILIZATION, pabagsakin ang lehitimong gubyernong Macapagal Arroyo."
(Photo above: PNP director General Avelino Razon:

Ang katawa-tawa pa rito, baka ang MEDIA muli ang pagbalingan ng PNP-Malakanyang, baka sa kahuli-hulihan labanan, sirain ang kredibilidad ni Jun Lozada na ito'y sabog sa ipinagbabawal na gamot, isang ADIK at tulad ng dati, sirain ang kredibilidad ng Senado, "palabasing mga BAYARAN, may koneksyon sa mga terorista, sa Al Qaeda, sa grupong Abu Sayaff, sa Magdalo at sa mga KOMUNISTA ang Senate Blue Ribbon Committee."
Istilong Buluk........

- Doy / IPD
February 7, 2008


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