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APEC 2007 - World’s #1 Terrorist and #1 War Criminal In Australia

Hindi lang sa hanay ng mga Australiano at mamamayan ng mundo, ultimo sa hanay ng mga Amerikano, si Bush na ang itinuturing pinaka-unpopular, pinaka-ganid, pinaka-kinamumuhian, pinaka-BALIW at higit sa lahat, pinaka-garapal na teroristang presidente sa buong kasaysayan ng pulitika sa Amerika.

Kung sa bagay, maaring tignang positibo, "habang patuloy na nalululong si Bush sa pagnanakaw ng likas-yaman sa Iraq at Afghanistan, unti-unting bumibitaw sa sphere of influence ng US (nawawalan) ang mga bansa sa Latin Amerika at Africa at higit sa lahat, namumulat sa katotohanan ang mamamayang Amerikano na tulad ng Vietnam War, panloloob-occupation forces at hindi pagtataguyod ng demokrasya o ang mapanglinlang na "global war on terrorism" ang tunay na pakay ni Bush sa Iraq at Afghanistan."

Ang trahedya, sa loob ng isang siglong (100 years) kolonyalismo, pangungubabaw at kontrol, parang burikak na humahalik sa tumbung, nakabukaka at nakaliyad ang mga taksil na Pilipinong elitista at mga pulitiko, si Ate Glo at ang barkada sa Malakanyang kay Uncle Sam. Ikunsidira rin ang mahigit ilang milyong Pinoy ang sa ngayo'y naninirahan sa Amerika, patuloy ang pagdami ng Tago ng Tago (TNT) at migration ng Pilipino middle class citizens (alsa balutan) tungong STATE.

Doy Ci
nco / IPD
September 9, 2007
Dr Gideon Polya
08 September, 2007

On the occasion of George Bush’s visit to the Sydney , Australia, APEC Summit, Pip Hinman, editor of the outstanding, anti-racist, humanitarian Green Left Weekly magazine, has echoed anti-racist Australian condemnation of George Bush in slamming him as "the World's number one terrorist and war criminal" in an article entitled “World’s #1 terrorist not welcome here!” (Approximately one in eight Iraqis have died... photo: /2007/721/37424 ), QUOTE: "This in an opportunity to tell Bush — the world’s number one terrorist and war criminal — what the majority of Australians think about the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. Bush is responsible for the most significant war crime this century — more than 1 million Iraqis have died and a nation has been all but destroyed, its assets plundered and its people divided. Vast resources are being wasted on this ongoing destruction."

A majority of Australians are opposed to the Iraq War and to George Bush. Indeed thousands of decent, anti-racist, pro-Humanity Australians will be out in the streets demonstrating against the World's #1 Terrorist, the World's #1 Child Killer, the World's #1 War Criminal, the World’s #1 Dru
g Death Promoter, the World’s #1 Mass Murderer, the World's #1 Killer of Indigenous People, the World's #1 Greenhouse Gas Polluter, and the World's #1 Climate Criminal (for a detailed analysis of the appalling crimes of George Bush and his offsider Dr Condoleezza Rice (aka Wicked Witch of the West, Dr Death) who is accompanying Bush to the Sydney APEC meeting, see "World's #1 "terrorist” in Australia. Dr Death arrives for APEC Summit": ) .

What is the EVIDENCE for such damning condemnations? The QUANTITATIVE EVID
ENCE is outlined below with documenting links:

1. World's #1 Terrorist - Bush is responsible f
or post-invasion excess deaths in the Occupied Iraqi and Afghan Territories totalling 1.0 million and 2.4 million, respectively, due to US and Coalition war crimes (see "The Cost of War" on MWC News: content/view/13099/26/ ); (Photo:
2. World's #1 Child Killer – Bush is complicit in the post-invasion under-5 infant deaths in the Occupied Iraqi and Afghan Territories that total 0.5 million and 1.9 million, respectively, due to US and Coalition war crimes (for documented details read "Body Count. Global avoidable mortality since 1950" (G.M. Polya, Melbourne, 2007): );
3. World’s #1 War Criminal - see 1-3 above and, further, just click onto the UNICEF site (see:
and you will quickly discover that EACH YEAR about 600,000 under-5 year old Subject infants die in US- or US surrogate- occupied countries (Occupied Haiti, Somalia, Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan) , these infant deaths being roughly 90% avoidable and due to gross US or US surrogate war crimes in horrendous violation of the Geneva Convention that demands that Occupiers keep their Conquered Subjects ALIVE (see Articles 55 and 56 of the Geneva Convention Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War: ).

Half a million AVOIDABLE under-5 year old Subject infant deaths occur every year due to George Bush in US- or US-surrogate-occupied countries, 1,300 per day and ONE EVERY MINUTE (for a detailed analysis see "US Terror & Occupation. War crimes and huge infant deaths": ) – this makes George Bush the World's #1 Child Killer, the World's #1 Terrorist, the World’s #1 Mass Murderer AND the World's #1 War Criminal.

4. World's #1 Drug Death Promoter – the post-2001 global opiate drug-related deaths total 0.6 million [60,000 in the US alone], largely due to US restoration of the Taliban-destroyed opium industry from about 5% in 2001 to a current 93% of world market share (see: the UNODC World Drug Report 2007: );

5. World’s #1 Mass Murderer – from 1-4 above one can estimate that the Bush War on Terror has so far been associated with 4 million (FOUR MILLION) excess deaths.

6. World’s #1 Killer of Indigenous People – Bush’s War on Terror can be seen as a cowardly, racist War on Indigenous Asian People with post-invasion excess deaths now (March 2007 figures) totalling 3.4 million in the Occupied Iraqi and Afghan Territories (see “The Cost of War”: ). Bush’s War on Terror can be seen in horrible actuality as a War on Terra (a greedy War on the Biosphere) and a War on Women and Children, or more specifically a War on Arab Women and Children, a War on Muslim Women and Children, a War on Asian Women and Children, a War on Non-European Women and Children, and a War on Third World Women and Children (for my “Art for Peace” ,”Painting for Peace” responses see my HUGE “Scheherazade” painting and its sister paintings created for East-West Amity and Respect for Woman, Women’s Rights and for Mother and Child: ).

7. World's #1 Greenhouse Gas polluter and #1 Climate Criminal – under Bush the US is the world's worst greenhouse gas polluter and, like Bush-ite Australia, refuses to significantly constrain greenhouse gas pollution or sign Kyoto) (see: "War on Terra, Climate criminals. "Terra" painting"" on MWC News: ).
What can decent people do in the face of this horrendous abuse of humanity? Sydney-siders, incensed by the lock-down of their City for the World’s #1 Terrorist and his companion, Dr Condoleezza Rice (aka Wicked Witch of the West or Dr Death), are going to peacefully demonstrate in the streets. Other decent, anti-war, anti-racism Australians will also make their voice heard.

Peace is the only way but silence kills and silence is complicity. With remote, peaceful Iran threatened as the next target for war criminal destruction by the World’s #1 Terrorist, decent humanity is OBLIGED to (a) INFORM OTHERS about horrendous abuses of humanity and (b) to ACT ETHICALLY in relation to those complicit in such awful crimes – CRIMES that demand comprehensive International and Intra-national Sanctions and Boycotts against Bush Amerika and its cowardly, subservient Racist Bush-ite (RB) Allies such as the genocidal Racist Zionists (RZs) and Bush-ite Racist White Australia.

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