Friday, October 19, 2007

GMA, accountable only to the Bishops?

October 19, 2007

Secret-keeper, err, Secretary Toting Bunye announced that Gloria Arroyo will be meeting with the Bishops to explain her side on the bribery scandal that broke out days ago. This followed after the CBCP called the Arroyo government as "morally bankrupt".
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But since the day the scandal broke out, the Filipinos have been dying to heard the voice of GMA with regards the scandal. After days of silence, she finally wanted to unzip her mouth and report only to the CBCP. Which implies that GMA is accountable only to the bishops and not to the Filipino people.

Teka, teka, teka. Amended na ba ang Constitution to state that "sovereignty resides on the bishops and that all government authority emanates from them"? And, therefore, GMA is answerable to the bishops and not to the Filipino people? Kala ko ba there is a separation of Church and State?

Kunsabagay, there could be reasons why GMA has shifted her accountability from the Filipino people to the bishops. Many are claiming that she cheated her way to power in 2004. If that is true, and that she didn't really win the elections, it is therefore logical that she cannot be compelled to vow to the Filipinos who did not install her as president. So, who installed her, the bishops? Which leads us to think how the PPCRV behaved during the elections...

Second, during the Hello,Garci! scandal, the bishops called for sobriety instead of GMA's resignation. As a result, GMA was never ousted nor impeached -- courtesy of the bishops. Which means that GMA, indeed, is accountable to the bishops rather than the Filipino people.

Pero tanong ni Tikboy: While there is no problem with GMA being the president of the bishops, what about the money that had been circulating lately as alleged bribes? And what about the money that GMA is spending to run her government for the bishops? Di kaya pera rin yun ng mga bishops? O kaya naman pera yun na nahulog mula sa langit considering that GMA is close to the bishops?


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